Hard Mount

Walter Klassen


The Walter Klassen Hard Mount allows a Steadicam rig to be mounted to nearly anything, and is one of the only rigid mounts available with a tilting end block, enabling a 40 degree range of motion to help you stay balanced. The Hard Mount pairs with our Walter Klassen Mitchell Plate to hard mount to a female Mitchell mount. Our Doughty clamp allows our Hard Mount to be affixed to Speed Rail in five different mounting angles.

We recommend that you order the Hard Mount orientation that matches the side you plug your stabilized arm into your female socket block.

Walter Klassen’s Hard Mount features:

  • Anodized aluminum components
  • End block with 40° of tilt
  • Custom case (optional)
  • Walter Klassen’s five year warranty

Full Kits include:

  • Hard mount
  • Mitchell plate
  • Tie-down knob
  • Doughty clamp - 2" clamp dia.
  • Clamp reducers - 2" to 1.5" clamp dia.
  • Servicing / reconfiguration wrench
  • Stainless steel fasteners

Please note: the Doughty clamps can sometimes get superficial cosmetic scratches in transport to our shop from the supplier. This is beyond our control but doesn't affect function.  


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