[[START]] { "testimonials": [ { "author" : "Tom Upton", "image": "\/\/shop.walterklassen.com\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Thomas-Upton-camera.jpg?v=1614297099", "company": "Pennsylvania, USA", "role": "Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator", "content": "After 25 years with a front-mount vest - and after a back injury - I finally switched and I am glad I did. Granted, after all that time, my old vest felt as comfortable as an old sweater, and even if I didn't use it for a month or two, it just felt right the minute I put it on. The new Klassen vest immediately (after fitting straps and pumping the air pad) let me know I could go for a much longer time in the rig. It is a totally different feeling and it is taking me a little time to achieve that same level of comfort but I will be there soon. Meanwhile, it is so easy on the back, especially extending through doorways, etc. It has given me many more years of doing Steadicam. I can't say enough about the quality construction and the personal care they gave me. I also recommend using the solid block with your arm.", "product": "flex-harness" }, { "author" : "Magnus Jonck", "image": "\/\/shop.walterklassen.com\/cdn\/shop\/files\/11.jpg?v=1614297099", "company": "Copenhagen, Denmark", "role": "Cinematographer, Camera Operator", "content": "I've just come back from my first shoot with the Walter Klassen Vest with an EasyRig Vario 5 mount + the Flowcine Serene arm. It was a whole new experience. It felt like the camera was a part of my body, just like doing handheld without a rig. The big thing is that the vest makes all the weight go to your hips opposed to your upper body. On top, the inflatable system makes it sit really tight and comfortable. Great product!!", "product": "flex-harness" }, { "author" : "Ian Vatcher", "image": "\/\/shop.walterklassen.com\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Screen-Shot-2018-04-18-at-12.23.11-PM-350x350.png?v=1614297098", "company": "Newfoundland, Canada", "role": "Cinematographer, Camera Operator", "content": "Hey! I just wanted to send you guys a note thanking you again for the harness. I've been using the harness for a couple of jobs now, and it's incredible, my endurance has doubled. I even sold my front mount vest last week because I hadn't touched it since I got the FLEX. Big thanks again!", "product": "flex-harness" }, { "author" : "Geoff Haley", "image": "\/\/shop.walterklassen.com\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Geoff_Haley1.jpg?v=1614297400", "company": "", "role": "Steadicam Operator, Film Director", "content": "The Klassen SlingShot is the most effective and liberating camera operating tool I’ve come across in two decades. Its simplicity, robustness, and versatility of design allows me to achieve handheld-looking shots at any camera height, for any duration, with a fraction of the physical duress of traditional handheld. Over the past three years, it has become my secret weapon against bulky large-format cameras, long takes, and today’s aggressive, improvisational film-making styles. If I can DESIGN the shot with a director’s finder or iPhone, I can EXECUTE it identically with a 40 lb. camera - thanks to my SlingShot. The added benefit of attaching a gimbal is a great companion when the steadicam or technocrane don’t fit the bill. I’ve been using the Klassen Flex vest with my Steadicam for nearly a decade - and the ability to mount the SlingShot onto the same vest (in less than a minute) is fantastic. The SlingShot has added immense flexibility and creativity to my camera work, as well as years of longevity to my career. I simply won’t go anywhere without it. Period. \nIncidentally, every single “hand-held” shot that I operated on in Avengers Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame, Jumanji 2, Joker, and Fast and Furious 9 is done with my SlingShot. It’s a really fantastic tool. Thanks to your whole team for making it.", "product": "slingshot-rig-2-0" }, { "author" : "Sam Nuttmann", "image": "\/\/shop.walterklassen.com\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Sam-Nuttmann-SlingShot-action-shot.jpg?v=1614297099", "company": "Seattle\/LA, USA", "role": "Cinematographer, DP, MoVI Operator", "content": "We're shooting on a major TV mini-series this summer for about 3 months with some heavy camera packages on MoVI M15's. There is pretty much no way we could do this without using the Klassen SlingShot to support all that weight for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. We've got 3 SlingShots on set and they're all in use pretty much constantly.", "product": "slingshot-rig-2-0" }, { "author" : "Kai Saul", "image": "\/\/shop.walterklassen.com\/cdn\/shop\/files\/personal_photo-866-1000x600.jpg?v=1614297099", "company": "Los Angeles, USA", "role": "Cinematographer, Director of Photography", "content": "The SlingShot Vest arrived today and my first impression is – WOW. I am blown away by the comfort and support, the beautiful craftsmanship, and the subtle innovations that really set it apart from the EasyRig vests. For now I'll be using it with a Vario 5 and the combo works great.”", "product": "slingshot-rig-2-0" }, { "author" : "Axel Ebermann", "image": "\/\/shop.walterklassen.com\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Axel-Ebermann-with-hard-mount.jpg?v=1614297099", "company": "New York, USA", "role": "Cinematographer, Steadicam Operator", "content": "I had a different mount before and there is simply no comparison. This one is a Rolls Royce compared to the one that I had before. Apart from the very solid engineering here is what sold me most on it; all other mounts that I have tried before are difficult to have their horizontal inclination adjusted. The adjustment that basically makes your sled stay in front of you. Instead of having to go back and forth on the arm adjustment I can now do it directly on this block. Which makes me happy. This socket block also does not shift on a rail like other mounts.", "product": "hard-mount-kit" }, { "author" : "Sam F.", "image": "\/\/shop.walterklassen.com\/cdn\/shop\/files\/WK_Favicon.png?v=1613791578", "company": "", "role": "Cinematographer, Steadicam Operator", "content": "Solid piece of equipment engineered to perfection. I’ve had it for a week and already am getting use of it on every shoot. Very versatile with the angle adjustable mount and extremely fast and easy to set up on any vehicle with a Mitchell mount or even just speed rail. Love it!”", "product": "hard-mount" } ] } [[END]]