Far-Out Camera Body Mount

Walter Klassen


The Klassen FX Far Out camera body mount is an innovative new camera system that allows the talent to shoot themselves. This provides for some truly unique shots with a virtually unlimited range of options.  Shoot from above, below, in front, behind or beside the with the same framing regardless of the talent’s movements.  Only one post that can be configured in a myriad of ways to keep it out of frame.

The new vest is easier than ever to hide under wardrobe.

1-1/2 inch aluminum tube is widely available and easy to source if extras are needed. Tubes supplied with the kit are anodized black.

Package includes:

  • 4 harnesses (small, medium, large, extra large) with back blocks
  • 8 modular pipe clamps
  • 1 stage with ball mount
  • tube assortment (black anodize)
  • 1 case

Custom kits available, please call for quote.

Daily Rental Rate:          $450/day

Weekly Rental Rate:      $1350/week

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