Gore-Link Handheld support

Walter Klassen


The  Gore-Link handheld camera support allows you to:

  • achieve the look and feel of a handheld shot while keeping the camera off the shoulder
  • have an up/down booming effect using your SteadicamTM arm
  • shoot from floor to eye level in one move

Included with each Gore-Link camera support kit:

  • one  Gore-Link Handheld adapter
  • 4” and 8” stand-off, for increased flexibility
  • camera hook
  • case

Optional or stand alone accessory- Turret:

the Turret replaces the hook on the Gore-Link to allow mounting of the camera using a dovetail plate and low-mode bracket.

Key features:

  • Quick mounting interface
  • Left/right balancing with thumbscrew
  • Fore/aft balancing is achieved by sliding dovetail plate in holder.
  • Handles with multiple attachment points allow plenty of flexibility for comfort with any setup.
  • works with both front and back mount set-up

* all prices are in US dollars 

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