FLEX Harness

Walter Klassen


Walter Klassen FX back mount Steadicam vest features a hand molded carbon fiber shell, an ultra lightweight carbon fiber arm with end block tilt control. Our harness padding is made with high density foam, alongside an air bladder for maximum comfort and support. Each vest has a custom leather plate customized with your name and harness number. 

The lightweight Klassen FLEX provides all the comforts and benefits synonymous with a back mounted harnesses and can handle all your performance needs.

 FLEX features include:

- lightweight (~11 lbs including carbon arm)

- new carbon shell design with side and front taper, providing flex for ease of movement 

- higher cutouts at the leg for more comfort when operating bending down, running or navigating awkward positions

- reduced leather trim with a polished carbon edge creating a modern lightweight aesthetic

- all the benefits, features and service of a Klassen back mounted harness, backed by Walter’s 5 year warranty

- purchase includes vest bag

 * all prices are in US dollars 

Average wait time from order to shipping, 4-6 weeks.


"Hey Jennifer!

Just wanted to send you guys a note thanking you again for the harness, and for setting up that meeting while I was there last to check the fitting. I've been using the harness for a couple of jobs now, and it's incredible, my endurance has doubled. I even sold my front mount vest last week because I hadn't touched it since I got the flex.

 Big thanks again!!

Cheers! - Ian

 Ian Vatcher

Matchcut Productions Inc.


Camera Operator

Steadicam Owner/Operator"

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