Brushless Gimbal Wheels

Walter Klassen




Our new brushless gimbal wheels are a stand-alone wheels solution.  

Currently compatible with MōVI, MōVI Pro, and MōVI XL 

Features include:

- Built-in transmitter

- 2 line OLED screen and an encoder knob as a user interface for configuring radio channels

- Com ports for interfacing with other equipment such as MoVI Mimic.

- Adjusting axis trim settings, axis speed, and soon exponential rate adjustments.

- Two 3-position toggle switchescan be mapped to any channel 

- Firmware upgrade feature. Firmware updates are currently applied by putting a file on a microSD card

- Three buttons and one encoder knob. Each button corresponds to one of the wheels and the encoder knob allows easy scrolling through the menus.

 - Trim settings can be changed in 1uS increments, rate multiplier in increments of .1, and each wheel can change directions 

- comes with brass wheels all in a custom Pelican Storm im2600 case


All prices in $USD


Hardware upgrade:

-Existing wheels owners can send in their current wheels to upgrade to latest hardware.


 "I've tried a few different wheels control systems for my MoVI M15 and the Klassens are by far the easiest to set up and deliver the best performance."

 I've always considered myself a "joystick operator", but after using the Klassen wheels for only a short amount of time, I'm starting to rethink the way I remote operate the MoVI. More precise control, more accurate repeatability - there's a reason why so many people in Hollywood use wheels. And there's a reason why the top DP's I know prefer the Klassen wheels."


MoVI Specialist | Partner

"John, the wheels are working beautifully!!! Extraordinary improvement!  It is a completely professional tool now. With the new "Hold" settings, your trim pots, '0' windows and 100% exponential settings it is as good as I could hope for!  Amazing difference and I can now confidentially give the wheels to an experienced operator with no training in MoVI equipment and it will work!  I can be the "flyer" and he/she can be the operator. This fills in the missing part of the MoVI experience for work on a high level motion picture set - it really, really works!"

Larry McConkey, S.O.C.

Larry McConkey Productions


Please click here for instruction manual.

Firmware for latest hardware revision Version 5.0.1

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