Suspender Handheld Support

Walter Klassen


Working off any Walter Klassen FX harness our Suspender handheld camera support system provides stability and support to handheld camera operators.

Transferring the awkward camera load to your hips reduces the strain on your arms, shoulders and back letting you focus on getting the shot not on lifting and supporting the camera.  And our comfortable vest leaves no discomfort after the longest days

The Suspender support spar attaches to your harness providing a boom above your head from which a tensioned rope with camera hook extends. By attaching a camera to the locking, flat-bottomed hook and tuning the suspension tension you can suspend a camera from the Suspender with virtually all of the camera weight being transferred to your hips.

Robust construction with an adjustable tensioning system allowes you to easily carry cameras 20 – 55 pounds with precision balance

The Suspender has 36″ of vertical travel in the ultra-low stretch Technora rope as well as adjustable height positioning. This vertical range combined with tensionable horizontal rotation give the Suspender unparalleled flexibility. Bearings on all moving parts ensure smooth operation.

The indexed hinge at the boom/spar connection allows you to set the boom at the most appropriate angle for each set of operating conditions. The hinge also facilitates compact packing by allowing the boom to fold parallel with the spar without any disassembly.

The Suspender attaches to any Klassen harness with an easy single screw adapter for quick changeovers between shooting Steadicam and handheld.

The Suspender kit includes the suspension system, mounting and tensioning bracket, and comes with a compact hard travel case that’s suitable for air travel.

Rental rate: $450/day, $900/week with vest

* all prices are in US dollars 

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